Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another guest of honor: The iPhone

If Greg wasn't marrying me, there's a good chance he'd propose to his iPhone. He uses it to check e-mail, navigate when we're lost, read Kindle e-books, watch baseball games with MLB.TV — pretty much everything except make a call. ;)

I'm not smelly; he does that with his hood when he's deep in thought, hehe!
(personal photo)

Despite no service in Mexico, he brought it along — to read. Hello? Beach?!
(personal photo)

And on our big day, I doubt he'll be able to put it away. I don't mind as long as he knows when to keep it tucked away and when to show it off, like in these gorgeous wedding photos:

We definitely need one of these!

We know our techy friends will have theirs too.
(Christine Remoulet Photography via Google search)

Wedding-day text? This makes me melt!

With the dawn of Apple's newest gadget, the iPad, at least one officiant is getting in on the action, too! Only in the Bay Area, home to Silicon Valley — though I gotta admit, it looks way slicker than a black portfolio.

I love that something so influential in our lives will make an appearance on our big day. Do you agree or think phones have no place at a wedding?


  1. Oh, I can tell you, my phone will be along for the ride! I love my iPhone!

  2. how else are you supposed to hunt down any cold feet?