Sunday, September 5, 2010

Behold, the vanishing white tie!

Creative Commons photo from babiegirl on Flickr.

Sharon and I noticed a trend when looking through various wedding blogs and suit shops: a lot of grooms dig the white-tie, white-vest, white-shirt combo.

Check it out for yourself on Google Images (it was the least biased way I could think of demonstrating this); at least half the guys have white ties. Here's another example (full post) from a wedding that our photographer shot.

Each time, I think: where is the tie? Oh, there it is! You just have to look very close.

I understand that weddings are extremely bride-centric, and that, yes, the man's all-white ensemble does technically match the white dress, but it all makes the groom fade into the background.

Some alternative ideas that I'm exploring:

(1) Match your tie to your suit (example picture and full post), and have the groomsmen wear a different color tie.

(2) Match all the ties to the bridesmaids' dresses, and have the groomsmen wear a different color shirt (example picture and full post).

Finally, lest any of you question my fashion sense, let it be known that I've been rockin' the sexy ever since high school, as the below photo attests.


  1. I'm planning to use a satin white tie for my wedding. Is it okay to wear it along with my royal blue shirt and black suit? Or should I wear white linen tie with simple design on it match it with a corsage?

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