Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hi from North Carolina!

So, it's less than two months from our big day, and we're spending this weekend on a whirlwind of driving. Our college pal Travis is getting married today, and we can finally say we've been to North Carolina!

Orion staffers in '06 - that's Travis with the sports section. (photo courtesy Chico State)

It's exciting to go to another wedding before ours, since planning for June is really ramping up and getting a tad stressful. It's a great way to remind ourselves what a wedding is really about: celebrating the commitment to being married. :)

After this, we start the 4.5-hour drive back to D.C. to catch a concert tomorrow night. It's Greg's favorite Spanish pop act, Juanes. You may or may not encounter some of his tunes come June... ;)

Here's hoping everything goes smoothly - more posts to come soon!

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