Thursday, January 21, 2010

About Sharon

Us in the dorm in 2004. Gotta love those bangs!

Many of our readers know either Sharon or myself, but not both. So we've decided to write a little something introducing each other.

Sharon grew up in San Francisco. She has an older brother named Steve who also recently got engaged, in August (they are not quite as nerdy or self-absorbed as we are, so they don't have their own "we're getting married" blog). She went to Catholic school before going to school at Chico State as a journalism major. We met in the honors dorm our freshman year. Our rooms were two doors apart.

During college, we spent most of our time working at the student newspaper. We shouldn't have worked so hard in college.

Sharon worked at the Arizona Republic for a year as a copy editor after college before getting a job at the public affairs office at a nonprofit in D.C.

Sharon's favorite TV show is "The Simpsons." She has at least 10 seasons on DVD, and our DVR usually has about eight episodes queued up for us. She's also a big fan of "Grey's Anatomy" and similar shows. Or anything involving angsty teenage vampires or Hogwarts and Quidditch matches. Around D.C., she can often be spotted at the library, the Columbia Heights Target, or the huge mall in Tysons Corner, VA.

She is a big fan of pop and alternative music and loves concerts. In the mornings, she can often be heard walking around the apartment humming or singing various tunes ("we're in the money," various Super Mario songs, or her own renditions).

I can often get her to go to sporting events if there's mascots involved.

She is my kind of girl.

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  1. Today, Sharon sends me an IM saying "I forgot my phone today because I was too busy singing about my pants."