Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The proposal: part 1

Hi and welcome! Thanks to everyone for the congratulations via phone, e-mail, texts, Facebook and beyond; Greg and I are so thankful to have such great people in our lives. Now for what (most of) you've been waiting for: the proposal.

It happened on Jan. 3 on our way home from visiting Greg's aunt and uncle in Mexico. I figured if something big were to happen, it'd be while on vacay or even New Year's (like another couple we know!). But Greg pulled out the big guns when I was most frantic and unsuspecting: stressed out from traveling.

At our connection in Phoenix, we got held up on the plane and in customs, and I was ready to sprint two terminals away, which at Sky Harbor isn't easy when it's an already short layover. Greg had kept repeating that morning, "If there's one day in the whole year you listen to me, please let it be today." But I was determined not to miss an expensive flight that would take me back to indoor plumbing and my comfy bed.

Panting and sweating, I was approaching the gate as Greg called out, "I'm sorry, honey, but you're not getting on that plane." With the logic of a second-grader and the voice of a 3-year-old about to burst into tears, I turned to him, held up my ticket in one hand, pointed to the open door with the other, and yelped, "I paid for a ticket ... the plane's still there ... so why can't I get on?"

He didn't respond, just gazed around the bored inhabitants of Terminal 1. As those close to me would predict, I broke into theatrics, speed-dialed my mom and, through dry sobs, told her how Greg was keeping me hostage in Phoenix and I was never going to see home again. She sounded horrified and wished she could do more than browse the aisles at Target.

I was still on the phone wailing as Greg's face lit up and he dragged me to a bar. I was hanging up reluctantly as a familiar D.C. friend said he was there to cover the Fiesta Bowl. I was settling into a bar stool, finally defeated, when Matt gave the ring box to Greg.

And as memories were recalled and kind words said, my head practically exploded and now the photos take over... (all photos by Matt McFarland; click to enlarge, but beware, they're big!)

Could I *BE* any more surprised? (a la Chandler Bing)

Being down on one knee was exaggerated by me being on a bar stool!

Sealing the deal :)

Admiring the ring -- who will get her own picture-filled post soon!

Finally, some beer to commemorate the moment.

And my friends, this is "part 1" for a reason. Yes, the big scheme gets bigger! What do you think of Greg's plan and my reaction?


  1. Written by a true journalist. I can't wait for Part 2 - proposal!!! Or were we there? (lol)


  2. I enjoy the extremely gleeful expression as he's down on one knee! Precious. So glad this was photo-documented!

  3. I love that look on your face Sharon when he gets down on one knee!! Exactly how I pictured it when you me the story :)

    btw, the pics are great! such a good idea

  4. Angela-Rose and familyJanuary 17, 2010 at 10:34 PM

    Love the Ralph quote, but shouldn't Greg be wearing the shirt for a proposal? j/k, the leprechan told me to do it.

  5. Sharon, your shirt is perfect for the occasion :) And Greg, way to plan a great surprise!