Friday, January 22, 2010

Introducing the groom

As Greg said in his summary of moi, we met in college and worked on The Orion, so I won't bore you with all that again. The first thing I found out about Greg, of San Diego, was that he was a journalism major, too. So that was cool. Then I found out he was one of the kids who beat me out to get a full ride, a Chico State President's Scholar. Not so cool. (Sorry, but I'm being honest!)

I eventually got over this and was left with a partner-in-crime whose ambition, tenacity and thirst for knowledge would keep me at my best mentally and academically. You gotta be on your toes when Greg's around. We supported each other throughout the journalism program, even working in the one and two positions at the paper.

That passion to strive for greatness hasn't waned on the East Coast. After graduating Chico State in three years (!) and snagging an internship at the Washington Post (!!), Greg's in his second year of grad school at George Mason University to earn a master's in economics and has very recently started his own blog on the topic.

Apart from his academic endeavors, Greg enjoys listening to Spanish pop music, catching up on news, reading non-fiction, being hooked to his iPhone and watching sports. Specifically baseball. Oh, so much baseball. A recent attachment has been to different sports broadcasters, with his favorite being the Dodgers' Vin Scully. My mom even gave him his biography as a birthday present. At least there's mascots...

Us with Abe before a Nationals game in August '08.
Dunno what Greg's doing. (Photo by Lisa Campo)

But really, I don't mind the baseball or any of his hobbies too much because (and this is my favorite part about Greg) he knows how to make things fun. I'm pretty much a little kid so he'll tell me little-known tidbits about baseball and introduce me to mascots (!!!). He'll break down complex econ theories and give examples so I can be part of the conversation. He's a very caring guy.

He's a great fit for me.

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