Monday, February 8, 2010

A very preliminary vision for The Big Day

Though Greg and I don't have anything set in stone yet, I've been toying with many ideas for the basics. I thought I'd be one of those "I've had everything planned since I was little" gals, but after seeing one of my favorite movies, I realize my tastes have definitely changed. While Greg posted early on about a couple of things, here's what we're really planning on.

We're shooting for the late spring/early summer of 2011. Greg should be done with his master's in December of this year, and we want to leave open the possibility of him continuing on for his Ph.D. Though California weather is ideal for late summer/fall weddings, starting his next round of school in fall 2011 is the most realistic schedule, so there you go. And the weather is an important aspect because...

... One thing that hasn't faltered since my childhood vision is that I'd get married outside. Greg and I are not tied down to the idea of a church wedding, and we love the open, organic feel of being outside. Though San Diego beaches make for beautiful events, we've decided on my hometown of San Francisco, mainly for logistical purposes (my family about doubles Greg's). The requirements are that it must have outdoor (ceremony) and indoor (reception) space, be somehow meaningful to me and Greg, show something cool about San Francisco and, most of all, not break the bank. I'll be posting shortly on options we're looking at, and feel free to comment or contact me with any places you think would fit the bill!


Red is symbolic of joy in Chinese culture, and it helps that it's our favorite color. The only wedding I've been in (flower girl, hehe) had red as a primary color, and my first taste of "grown-up" dress shopping (for junior prom) ended in picking a red gown from David's Bridal. For a neutral, I'm thinking a nice gray instead of black to give things more of a light-hearted feel.

Claret and Pebble Beach from the Pantone Wedding line. (source)


I am the kind of person who'd rather have a smaller amount of super-close friends than lots of semi-close ones. I should be able to have personal conversations with everyone who attends the wedding and know deep down that the celebration wouldn't have been the same without them. Though I understand how others like having big weddings with lots of generations of family members, business contacts and the like, we just want everything to be super personal, where people can be relaxed around each other and be ready to mingle and party! (Yes, the fun factor is also a big deal. Entertainment ideas are in the works...)

What do you think of our very early outline? Any suggestions to share?


  1. The Presidio is a good spot. Right on the water with a great view. Definitely a venue to consider in SF. There's also some pretty good venues in the Oakland hills you may want to consider if you're not trying to break the bank. My cousin was married at one of the super (not-so) secret golf clubs in the Oakland hills. Beautiful joint. Plus, they had the facility for a reception to be handled right there.

  2. Good for you, keep it small and intimate, and exactly what the BOTH OF YOU have in mind.

  3. From Bill
    Mt. Tam is the most powerful spiritual vortex on the west coast. Back in the day, I cavorted with the big dogs up there. It deserves serious consideration.