Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wedding gives new meaning to 'Facebook invite'

The power of social networking giant Facebook seems to know no limits. Greg and I are pretty active on the site, and it gives us the chance to catch up with tons of people from people and places past.

And changing one's relationship status on Facebook is a biggie, as this article in Time summarizes nicely. I made sure that Greg and I contacted our families and closest friends before going public on Facebook, so we'd avoid the awkward "Oh, well, *I* had to find out from the Internet..." situation. Once the news was posted, there was an outpour of congratulations, and that filled me with warm fuzzies. :)

Yes, I was crazy enough to do a screen-grab of this before I confirmed. :)

Aww, yay!

Here's the biggie: I just came across an instance of Facebooking in the wedding world that I've never seen before: stationery! Found via Bridetide on Twitter, a man posted his Facebook-style save-the-date on his wedding blog, Temple of Groom. He acknowledges that he didn't take anything from the site, designing it in Adobe Illustrator. Reading his post, it's ingenious the way he integrated the parents' names, location and, of course, the changing of the relationship status!

From our recent attempt at being innovative with pop culture, it's easy to say we probably won't be doing something this offbeat, but I must give props to those who can.

Do you like this groom-to-be's design or is it too wild for your taste? What do you think of the role the Internet plays in sharing personal news? Share your opinions in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Congratulations on engagement. I hope all your plans come along smoothly. I know how difficult it is planning a wedding.