Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter wonderland

I was born and raised in California, then I moved to Arizona. While both states have great snowy destinations, I'll take sunny skies any day. Having moved to D.C. just more than a year ago, I became fascinated by snow (read: I act like a squealing 5-year-old) and that feeling hasn't faded.

The D.C. metro area is bracing for a big blizzard tomorrow similar to one that we had right before Christmas, which was nicknamed the Snowpocalypse. (You can name tomorrow's, too.) All the typical newspaper stories have been written about crowded grocery stores, fighting for jugs of water and the like, especially with it endangering Super Bowl (and Puppy Bowl!) Sunday. I don't know if I'm just naive, but I don't see why someone like me needs to fuss: Greg and I don't have a car, our employers follow the government's lead with regards to postponing work and there's always tons of food in our house. And we're content to stay in and blog all weekend, haha. :)

If anything, it's an opportunity for a big kid like me to go enjoy myself in the beauty of nature. Yes, I still play in the snow.

Scenes from the December blizzard. Matt and I were unsuccessful
in building a snowman. (Photos via Greg's iPhone)

And since I am wedding-crazy, I've come across many winter weddings during my blog travels. Though I know I'd never get married anywhere that cold — boy, are they pretty.

From a Colorado photographer, mmm. (source)

Taken in the streets of D.C.! (source)

Imagine shots like that with all the beautiful monuments in the back. I definitely want to do an engagement photo shoot so we have material for save-the-dates, other paper goods and decor at the wedding, but part of me wonders if such seasonal photos would get old quick. We probably won't do this, but then again, there are six more weeks of winter.

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