Monday, March 8, 2010

Point: Chairs are important (so I'm told)

I am learning all about chivari chairs, thanks to Sharon. Apparently, chairs are a big deal. One venue Web site we're looking at (a secret for now!) has a three-sentence description, and somehow the type of chairs warrants a mention.

I mostly agree with some of the post titles linked at Weddingbee, such as "Could I Be Obsessing Over Anything Sillier?" and "Stupid Things I Think About." The former talks about how rentals of chivaris will up her chair budget from $200 to $1,000.

I wonder if brides place more importance (and therefore spend more money) on certain elements than they need to. Sure, they want quality everything, but at an otherwise beautiful ceremony, will people remember the chairs, tablecloths, and napkins? Maybe it's best to skimp on these items and spend more on the venue itself.

A counterpoint from Sharon is forthcoming.

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