Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank God for Cepacol

We've been a pair of sickies for the past week or so.

It started off with Sharon's bad cough. Every morning, she has struggled to get to work, coughing (or "barking," as I lovingly call it) and muttering in a sea-hag voice "I gotta save my time off for the wedding!" (Even though it's at least a year away.) It's amazing what people will do when their jobs offer comprehensive leave (i.e., a sick day counts the same as a vacation day). Soon, I got into the act, making sure I had Kleenex boxes appropriately scattered throughout the house.

Apparently we're not alone, as a friend of mine recently asked Twitter the difference between throat lozenges and cough drops (and surprisingly got 8 responses). There is a difference, at least in my mind. Cough drops prevent coughing, and lozenges help ease sore throats. Let me tell you, those lozenges are a lifesaver in the morning. They can be the difference between making it to work and falling back in bed, defeated.

It's fair to say that we both miss our California weather. The worst of the winter appears to be behind us, but we can't wait for April!

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