Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mixing at the Punk Rock Bride party

The magical aspect about blogs is that you can read one post and somehow find yourself linked to sites you now love but you would have never found on your own. That's how I came across A Foxy Wedding, written by Jessica, a local freelance writer with a wealth of wedding knowledge. She was hosting a giveaway of free passes to a party launching the 2010 collection by Stephanie of Punk Rock Bride here in D.C. I tried my luck, and it paid off; I hopped on the bus Thursday night, and it was tons of fun for this bride-to-be.

Disclaimer: I realized once I got there that my camera battery had died, so sorry for the lack of photos, but I'll link you to the eye candy. :)

The party was held at the Punk Rock Bride studio on Capitol Hill, complete with an industrial feel and a huge graffiti mural along one wall. At first, I was surprised that the five models wearing the new designs were just towering over me standing around, but they were super friendly and let everyone examine the gowns, feel them and ask about how it felt to wear them.

Despite knowing that a designer gown probably isn't within my budget, I couldn't resist drooling over one of the five new designs, Grace, which A Foxy Wedding followed through the production process. The brocade fabric was intricately beautiful and substantial enough to hold up to some San Francisco weather. And I liked that it was still elegant with no thoughts of "I look like a stupid cake topper."

The rest of the two hour party was spent meeting fellow brides interested in Stephanie's designs and many wedding planners and vendors. It was a great experience to sip on champagne and be able to talk to people who live and breathe weddings. Thanks again to A Foxy Wedding for picking me to attend this party!

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