Monday, April 11, 2011

Dressing up the dudes

Being a guy in a wedding is fairly easy. The No. 1 thing I keep reminding Greg to do is to show up and not be late. Basically the only other task that's totally in his court is getting his guys to Men's Wearhouse.

A couple of months ago, we went to our local mall, flipped through the laminated pages of tuxes, and within 20 minutes, we'd decided on what the guys would wear.

We had considered going the "everyone get their own black suit and we'll get nice ties" route, but Greg wanted a more unified look.

At first, Greg wanted to go with a gray tux since it's one of our wedding colors. However, MW only has one option in gray to rent, and Greg wasn't feeling it. The fit was a little too boxy for his build, and if you look at the original post with the photo below, if the groomsmen wear the same one, that's a LOT of gray at the altar.

Let's pretend there's nothing else besides the tux in this photo. (source)

We did keep the gray in mind once Greg picked out a black tux he liked. Since he is against an all-white ensemble, we went with a nice silver for him like the one below (and I hope he's as happy as the model at the wedding!).

 I'm the king of the world! (source)

For the groomsmen, Greg picked out a red vest and tie combo, so they'll look a little like this, except a bit less serious.

C'mon, put on a happy face - you all look so sharp! (source)

How do you think Greg did with the tux choices? I can't wait to see everything in action!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hi from North Carolina!

So, it's less than two months from our big day, and we're spending this weekend on a whirlwind of driving. Our college pal Travis is getting married today, and we can finally say we've been to North Carolina!

Orion staffers in '06 - that's Travis with the sports section. (photo courtesy Chico State)

It's exciting to go to another wedding before ours, since planning for June is really ramping up and getting a tad stressful. It's a great way to remind ourselves what a wedding is really about: celebrating the commitment to being married. :)

After this, we start the 4.5-hour drive back to D.C. to catch a concert tomorrow night. It's Greg's favorite Spanish pop act, Juanes. You may or may not encounter some of his tunes come June... ;)

Here's hoping everything goes smoothly - more posts to come soon!